Peter Ingersoll: Website Developer & Digital Marketing Expert


Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

I am Peter Ingersoll and I am an Online Marketing & Communications Professional. I create websites, online marketing campaigns, and social media strategies.

I work with my clients to learn their business and business requirements. I apply my years of experience and advise on the opportunities of digital marketing.

I build online platforms for companies, nonprofits, and local businesses. While I am especially familiar with B2B logistics and manufacturing businesses, I also support eCommerce, the Arts, education, and community organizations.

I am a WordPress expert.

I develop & execute marketing and communication strategies to reach organizational goals while maintaining a keen eye on the customer experience and response. I turn the Web into a great tool to generate deliver information, create interest, and generate revenue.

I pull together various technologies and online tools to create innovative, effective, and efficient solutions to business challenges.

I use social and digital media to build customer engagement and social trust.

I  produce, edit, manage, and distribute content for multiple channels. Not only do I produce for digital, I create print, graphics, presentations, etc. I can be your one-person marketing department.

I listen, teach, guide, support and inspire.

I share with my clients as much as they want to know. I believe that customers should be self-sufficient if they wish to be, and I create sites that can be managed by others. But I am very happy to work with clients on an ongoing basis. As a dedicated partner, I become an extension of their business.

I also share my knowledge as a monthly presenter of the Hartford WordPress Meetup Group. You can find me on YouTube talking all things WordPress.

I really love this stuff, and I really love helping others.