Recommendation from an Independent Business Owner


I am pleased and proud to recommend my friend, Peter Ingersoll. Peter is an invaluable resource for any individual or organization looking to establish or improve its web presence. His knowledge of website development, marketing, and branding are impressive, and his caring, patient manner make him a great partner in what is often a very personal, customized endeavor.

Three years ago, I wanted to start a website to promote my fledgling photo-editing business. I turned to Peter for help, since I knew he had the knowledge to guide me. What was so wonderful was that he also had the patience to guide me. I called on Peter many times as I worked my way through buying domain names, finding a host, adding pages, and links, and photos. He was unfailingly kind as he explained, more than once, how all of the parts fit together. I now manage four websites, thanks to Peter’s tutelage.

Shortly after the launch of my own site, the non-profit organization for which I worked was looking for someone to redesign their website. I immediately thought of Peter, and happily they hired him. This group, the Center for 21st Century Skills at EDUCATION CONNECTION, provides curriculum and training for teachers in urban and rural public schools all across Connecticut. Their mission is to bring innovative, engaging courses in science, math, and technology to underrepresented students. It is funded by federal and state grants, including the I3, Nellie Mae, ATE, and NSF. This was a perfect fit for Peter! He is passionate about helping to provide for other children what we both have been able to provide for our own. Peter’s wife is also an educator, working with children who have special needs; education is of paramount importance in their family.

Peter served our organization very well, taking the time to learn about our history, our present activities, and our future goals. He helped us focus on the multiple audiences for our site, and found solutions that would best serve those audiences. As when we worked on my site together, Peter was always patient and kind with our staff – even when he was getting unclear or contradictory instructions. In the end, we had a website that is appealing, approachable, and adaptable to our growing program. Peter also had great suggestions for the larger issue of branding and marketing our program. Hopefully, my former bosses will follow his advice.

In conclusion, I would recommend Peter for any position in which his knowledge of web-based communication, his gentle humor and welcoming demeanor, and his true desire to make a positive impact on our society would be valued. Peter is a friend, a colleague, and a good guy.

~ Jennifer Silverman

Independent Math Consultant
ATOMIC Board Member
CT Certified Math Teacher

As you read in her recommendation, I have know Jennifer Silverman for quite a long time. While we have always been friends, we have worked on business projects together in recent years. Jen is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and sincere people I know. She always demonstrates the highest level of integrity in everything she does. Jen is also a no-nonsense and highly-intelligent entrepreneur, math teacher, and developer of innovative classroom curricula. Thank you, Jen!